Quia Assignment

  • What was your experience with the Quia examples provided?

I thought this website has some fun educational games and applications.  I think students would really like to play with the components of this website.

  • What might the benefits be of incorporating this technology into your teaching?

I think it would bring in a “fun” aspect to learning new skills.  For example…sink the battleship with exponents….students would really like it.

  • Can you foresee any potential pitfalls? If so, how might you avoid them?

Cost and time.  I don’t know if all teachers would pay for this service and in a budget concious time, this is one of those expendible items.  I did sign up for the free trial….I have only played around with it a little bit, but it looks like you need to create some of these activities.  I am not quite sure how much time it would take to create these.  It would help if there was a library of activities that you could utilize.

Wiki Thoughts?

  1. What do you see as the potential benefits of educational wikis? How might you maximize them?

Even though I have not used wiki’s in my classroom, I can see the benefits of them.  Especially with my older elementary students.  I think they would be very beneficial to use with peer editing skills in composition, you could do a Flat Stanley project via wiki’s in the virtual world, and finding different ways to solve a complicated math problem.  You can get lots of different thoughts and insights into your project when using wiki’s.

  1. What are the potential pitfalls of this technology? How might you minimize their impact?

I say this all the time, but again security.  Making sure the site is secure is a huge issue for me and when working with students, making sure they are posting appropriate comments.  I think I would want to make sure that I would have to “approve” the wiki comment before it could be seen by all.  This may be going against what the purpose of the wiki may be, but I would want to make sure the comments were appropriate and mostly positive in nature.  Constructive critisism is good, but students do need to be taught how to give this type of feedback.  I can see instruction needed here 😉

  1. What role could this technology play in your classroom?

I think I should be using wiki’s in my classroom more often.  As a virtual school teacher, I think it would be very beneficial.  Although, it would be something new to my students, I think they would like to hear other’s thoughts and opinions on the same project/issue.  I know that I hear how much they like the forums on Moodle and Elluminate sessions.  I think wiki’s is another tool on Elluminate that I need to play around with and become more comfortable with it so I can roll it out to students.

Quandary Assignment

  • What was your Quandary experience?

This was Ok….I can see it being used as a self assessment tool.

  • What might the benefits be of incorporating this technology into your teaching?

I can’t see myself using this type of technology with my students.  I think you may be able to use this tool as a self-assessment piece in a way…compositions perhaps?  I think if you laid out the requirements of a composition piece and asked if they had all of them…explained them further…it may be beneficial.  I am really torn on this application and whether or not it would really work in a classroom setting…I wish I would have been able to see an example of it working in a classroom.  That probably would have helped me see how this application could be used.

  • Can you foresee any potential pitfalls? If so, how might you avoid them?

I think this application would take a long time to create from scratch.  I don’t know how you could avoid this unless there is a template out there that you could tweak to your needs.

Welcome to MNVA Numerical Navigators!

Dear Families,

Thank you for your interest in the MNVA math groups!  We are excited to launch this new opportunity for students, and we hope to provide your child with meaningful instruction to help him/her develop a more concrete understanding of math concepts at his/her grade level.  It is our hope that these sessions will be a supplement to your child’s k12 lessons to help them develop confidence in completing their lessons.  We also hope to develop skills students will need for the state MCA tests.  But most importantly, we hope to facilitate an opportunity for students to practice the lifelong skill of problem-solving!

We have chosen to name the math group “Numerical Navigators” or “N^2 (N squared)” for short.  I will be providing small group math instruction for your child weekly for 4 weeks via Elluminate sessions in March. These sessions will focus on Numbers & Operations, which is an important foundational math strand.  The following week,  students will take the assessment as a post-test to help us evaluate our instruction and determine growth in students’ skills.  Please check your webmail regularly, as students may be asked to print lesson material prior to the lesson.  He/she will also need paper & pencil for each session.  Regular attendance is important, as these groups are small, and each student’s presence and participation is valuable!

I am looking forward to working with your child!


Mrs. Friberg