Quandary Assignment

  • What was your Quandary experience?

This was Ok….I can see it being used as a self assessment tool.

  • What might the benefits be of incorporating this technology into your teaching?

I can’t see myself using this type of technology with my students.  I think you may be able to use this tool as a self-assessment piece in a way…compositions perhaps?  I think if you laid out the requirements of a composition piece and asked if they had all of them…explained them further…it may be beneficial.  I am really torn on this application and whether or not it would really work in a classroom setting…I wish I would have been able to see an example of it working in a classroom.  That probably would have helped me see how this application could be used.

  • Can you foresee any potential pitfalls? If so, how might you avoid them?

I think this application would take a long time to create from scratch.  I don’t know how you could avoid this unless there is a template out there that you could tweak to your needs.

2 thoughts on “Quandary Assignment

  1. I agree with you about the time it would take to make these from scratch. I wonder if there is a template of sorts out there? That would be a great tool to have because I do think that would be the only thing holding me back from using these is the time it would take to create them.

  2. I have used something like this in the classroom and many of the students really enjoyed it. We did have the few students who decided not to read the question and would click the different answers until they found the correct pattern to get to the end. I wonder if each question could be set up with a timer, such as you can’t go on to the next question until you have viewed the question for one minute. This may force them to slow down and read. There would still be a few who wouldn’t read it though.

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